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1 Our Quilting Kits
1.1 What makes our quilting kits special?

All of the fabric in our kits have been specially selected.  The batik fabrics that we use are the best on the market.  The fabrics are steam pressed and/or spritzed with water to get out the wrinkles.

Steam Pressing

The batik fabrics are precision cut either by hand or by using the AccuQuilt Studio cutter.  Pieces are clearly labeled when placed into their package.  All samples pictured on our website are made from a kit with the exact fabrics that are included in all kits.  Each kit has a colored photo card of our finished sample for inspiration.  Any notes or helpful tips for completing the project will be included.  We may vary the backing as necessary due to inventory levels.  All backings will be batik fabric coordinated with the front of the quilt.



1.2 Why are the patterns not included with the kits?

The patterns will always be sold separately.  This gives you the freedom to not have to purchase the pattern each time if there are multiple kits that go with one pattern.  Also, you may already own the pattern, so will not have to purchase it again.  If you do not order the pattern when you order the kit, we may contact you to see if you need the pattern.

1.3 How will I know what batting, thread or tools that I should use when completing one of your kits?

Towards the bottom of the kit page there are items listed and pictured that were used to complete the project.

1.4 Will the kits be available forever?

Each kit is a limited edition.  Most cannot be repeated.  There are a few that we can cut again.

1.5 If I mess up a piece in the kit, can I order more fabric or another piece?

If this happens to you, please contact us.  We will try to provide either another piece or have an alternative suggestion for you.  We cannot be held responsible if you make a mistake, but we will work with you as best we can to help fix it.  Mistakes happen.

1.6 Will you be offering Pre-cut and Pre-fused appliqué kits?

We will be offering appliqué kits in the near future.  We are not offering pre-cut and pre-fused pieces at this time.  We think this offering adds too much cost to the price of the kit. The process of tracing and cutting out of the pieces is fun and relaxing and part of the therapy of quilting.